As we age, we value convenience more and more, and technology is constantly rising to meet seniors’ needs. Whether through wearable health monitors and financial alert technology or digital assistants and smart home tech, we now have access to a variety of innovative systems to keep our finances, health and quality of life secure.

Here are four types of senior living technology we love. 

Wearable Health Monitor
Fitness trackers, smart watches and specialized sensors can all be worn to monitor heart rate and blood pressure, track asthma and activity output each day. These powerful tools can help you to stay connected to your health and any potential for health issues before they become dangerous. Most are integrated with wireless mobile devices to make them easy to use.

Financial Alert Technology
Financial alert technology is designed to set up alerts to protect you or the senior in your life from fraud, scams and identity theft. You can sign up directly through your bank to receive alerts when money is withdrawn and with your credit card company to alert you when charges are made to your account. There are also apps that can monitor your financial activity on multiple accounts to help ensure your financial security.

Digital Assistants
Whether you prefer Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Home, these voice-activated digital assistants can help you or the senior in your life with any number of daily life details. They can turn lights on and off, adjust thermostats, set reminders and alarms to take medications or turn off the stove. They also provide easy access to local weather and traffic forecasts and with a subscription, can play almost any song you want to hear right when you want to hear it.

Smart Home Technology
Home automation takes convenience at home to new levels with products like, smart outlets, smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, LED lighting, auto stove shut off systems and more. All of these systems can be managed by an app on your phone or device, and they help keep you or your loved one resting easier at home.