Summers in Virginia Beach, VA are beautiful, sunny and hot. The heat and humidity of our coastal region can be dangerous for animals, especially dogs. It’s important for dog owners to take extra precautions to prevent your pup from burning his paws, developing heatstroke or becoming dehydrated.

You’ll want to get out and enjoy the season together whenever you can. Here are simple hot weather safety tips for dogs to help you and your furry family members make the most of summer together.

Car Rides
While you may love to take your pup with you wherever you go, in hot weather – it’s best to leave them home. Never leave your pup unattended in a hot car for even one minute. Your dog can begin to overheat within just a minute or two inside your car on a hot day. It’s best to leave them safe and cool at home while you run errands, and spend quality time together once you get home.

Water for the Win
Dogs have a harder time cooling down than humans, and are a higher risk for dehydration. Keep your pup hydrated at all times in hot, summer months with fresh, cool water. If you head out for walks or to the park, take a jug of cold water and a bowl. Give your pup water frequently, and if the water begins to heat up or runs out – head home or seek out cool water and comfortable temperatures immediately.

Adjust Your Walk Schedule
On extremely hot days, adjust your walks so that you and your pup head out at the coolest times of day – in the early morning or later in the evening. Stick to shady paths and areas when you can avoid direct sunlight. While you might enjoy taking long walks together, on hot days, keep your walks short and always bring water along for both you and your pup to stay hydrated.

Avoid Hot Pavement/Asphalt
Your pet’s paws can burn quickly on hot asphalt or pavement. On hot days, try to stick to grassy, shady areas as often as possible. Always touch asphalt and pavement first to test the temperature and prevent unnecessary injuries to your puppy’s paws.