Choosing the right dog for your home has a lot to do with finding a breed whose personality matches your own. It also requires seeking out a pup who will be comfortable and happy with apartment-style living.

Bringing a new fur-baby home to your apartment means welcoming them into a community, and you’ll want to choose a breed that is comfortable around others, won’t bark incessantly and who can be comfortable living in a smaller space. Dogs who need large yards to run in or who need constant exercise, may struggle to feel at home in apartment living, and this will make your life as a pet owner challenging from the beginning.

There are many dog breeds in all shapes and sizes that can live long, healthy and happy lives in a pet friendly apartment community like ours. Here is a breakdown of the best dog breeds, listed from smallest to largest, to bring home to your apartment.

Pugs make for excellent pets no matter where you live, but they are exceptionally good for apartment living with their small frame, friendly personality and low shedding coat. Pugs are not big barkers and they love to lounge around at home. They do require regular exercise to stay healthy, and they love to be around their humans as much as possible, making these perfect pets for those who are home consistently.

Shi Tzu
Shi Tzu pups are perfect apartment dwellers for their small size, calm demeanor and friendly personality. They have minimal shedding, need little exercise and don’t mind lounging alone throughout the day. These pups can have a tendency to bark when irked or irritated, so would do best with pet owners who are around consistently.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are friendly, small and loving pups who will want their owner’s company as much as possible. They have minimal shedding, but do need regular exercise and long walks to get their energy out. They are friends to all and with their beautiful coat and puppy dog eyes, will surely win over neighbors in no time. Barking can be an issue with these pups, so consistent company at home will be important to their (and your neighbors’) happiness.

French Bulldog
These pups are medium in size and need minimal exercise, but they are big in personality and friendliness. French bulldogs love the company of their owners and strangers, and will appreciate having you around to cuddle up to as often as possible. They don’t shed much and bark even less, but they will need more attention than some breeds, making them perfect for pet owners who are home more than they’re not.

Basset Hound
Basset Hounds are a laid-back breed of dog that will need little exercise but a lot of love. They can be heavy shedders and their drool can be rather epic, but they make for happy, low maintenance dogs otherwise. Their bark is more of a long howl that your neighbors likely won’t love in abundance, so they would do well with an owner around consistently to keep an eye on them.

Standard Poodle
These beautiful dogs are a larger breed, but they are graceful, elegant and make for perfect apartment dwelling. Allergy sufferers can celebrate their gorgeous, no-shedding coats, while active dog owners will enjoy how playful and energetic these pups are. You will need to take standard poodles out for enough exercise each day, and they do prefer to be around their owners more often than not, but they are otherwise low maintenance and extremely intelligent.

When exercised enough, greyhounds make for easy apartment dwellers who are calm and relaxed at home. They need long walks and will shed, but their grooming is easy and their personalities are gentle and sweet. These make for good pups for those who like to spend their free time beside their four-legged best friend.