Summer Safety Tips For Your Pet

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The dog days of summer are here, and for your furry family members, this can make cooling off in the extreme heat rather difficult. In fact, summer’s climate brings with it a variety of necessary lifestyle changes for your pet to help keep them comfortable, happy and safe. While summer is the perfect season for getting outside and soaking up long days in the sunshine, there are several precautions that we recommend all pet owners take to help make the most of this season with the ones they love. 

Even small dogs with short coats can get overheated fast on hot days, so make sure to never leave your pet in the car for any period of time (even a minute or two can be harmful to animals when temperatures are high). Increasing your dog’s water intake, staying off sidewalks and avoiding too much time outdoors on extreme weather days are simple steps you can take to keep your pet hydrated, cool and comfortable.  

Your pet is an integral part of your family, and their health and safety are priorities for you. Keep them feeling their best all season long with these simple summer safety tips.

Dehydration is a real threat to your pet’s health in hot weather, and since it doesn’t quite look the same on dogs as it does on humans, it’s important to try to prevent it, at all times. Give your pet unlimited access to fresh, cool water, throughout every day. If you head out for long walks, bring a bowl and water with you to help hydrate your pup along the way.  

Limit Time Outdoors/Seek Shade
On seriously hot summer days, avoid spending long periods of time outdoors. We know this can be difficult for large breed dogs or those with high energy, but taking a few days off from the outdoors won’t hurt them in the long run. In excessive heat, limit walks to early morning and evening hours, when temperatures are at their coolest. Shorten your walks, bring water along the way and look for shady, grassy paths to walk along to help keep both you and your pup cool. 

Watch Your Walks
During walks, your feet are likely covered by shoes, meaning that you may not realize how hot sidewalks and parking lots can be. Your pup’s paws are highly vulnerable to these hot surfaces, and they can be burned quickly on hot days. Avoid walking on sidewalks, asphalt or other surfaces that reflect the sun, including the sand at the beach. If you can’t avoid walking on these surfaces, take your dog’s walks first thing in the morning, before they’ve had a chance to heat up and become dangerous. 

Say No to Car Rides
We know you like to take your pup everywhere, but in summer, avoid taking your pup out for car rides unless absolutely necessary, and never leave your pet in a parked car (not even for a minute). In extreme heat, your car’s internal temperature can skyrocket fast, and your furry friend’s body temperature will rise quickly, along with it. Keep your pet safe and cool, and leave them home to rest while you run errands and socialize. They’ll thank you for it when you return home! 

Heartworm/Flea/Tick Prevention
Summer is the season for parasite activity, and that makes it crucial that you treat your pet for heartworms, fleas and ticks, under the supervision of your veterinarian. Consult your vet immediately to discuss your pet’s specific healthcare needs, and ask for recommendations on a prevention plan that is just right for your four-legged friend. Most animals can be treated quickly and easily on a monthly basis, meaning you won’t have to put your pet through daily treatments.